Accounts Receivable Financing

MHC Financial Services, MHC’s wholly-owned finance company, has opened a commercial finance (factoring) division to help business owners and truck operators grow and run their businesses more efficiently. MHC works closely with customers to help them take full advantage of the benefits that truck ownership can offer.

Our specialists are available to help you get started and answer any questions about factoring with MHC. 

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What is commercial finance?
Commercial finance (also known as invoice factoring) helps companies solve cash flow issues by immediately paying customer invoices, freeing up money for operating costs. MHC Financial Services helps owners and operators maintain a steady cash flow through freight bill factoring so they can continue to pay drivers and meet billing deadlines, all while being able to fuel their trucks.

Why factor with MHC Financial Services?

More than 50,000 customers have put their trust in MHC for over 40 years. MHC Financial Services is the only company in the industry backed by a nationwide truck dealership network. We offer customized accounts receivable financing plans specifically designed for your business. Our plans include:

  • Competitive rates with no monthly minimums
  • Flexible funding to reduce the amount of time spent managing accounts receivables
  • Accept and pay 100 percent off invoice copies
  • Make deposits on the same day factoring invoices are received
  • Parts and service loyalty program with coast-to-coast fuel discounts
  • Professional accounting and collections services are included
  • Log In to Your EFS Fuel Card Account

  • Log in to Your Cadence Account

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